KARUNAKARAN MUTHALALI – an Icon of Love, Tolerance, Compassion and Fellow feeling – was a model human being admired by the people. He was the apple of the eye of the village folk of Erikkavu. He was the synonym for sincere and dedicated social service. A hard working, honest and polite human being, he won the admiration and appreciation of all. People used to call him Karunakaran Swami in recognition of the purity of his nature and demeanour.Though a staunch supporter of the Congress party, he was a friend and well- wisher of the members of other political parties as well. Above all, he was a loving and affectionate grand pa of the children of the family and the locality.


  • Had been instrumental in Erikkavu’s social and economic development.
  • His coir factory uplifted the poor by providing them employment. Up to 500 people got employment there.
  • Had been instrumental in establishing a Health centre and an Ayurvedic hospital by prevailing on the then Chief Minister Shri. R. Sankar.
  • Succeeded in starting a Women’s Coir Cooperative Society in Erikkkavu and a Coir Cooperative Society in Kumarapuram.
  • Took initiative to establish an Anganvadi in Erikkavu and the Mahatma Gandhi Library at Valanthodukadavu.
  • Had been instrumental in constructing the much needed Valekadavu Road.
  • Used to generously lend his telephone, the only one in the village, for the use of the villagers.
  • Served SNDP Erikkavu branch for a long time as its President.
  • Had been an active member and well-wisher of Karthikappally Taluk Marketing Society.
  • Had been instrumental in establishing a post-box at and bringing electricity to Erikkavu.
  • Had been the Kumarapuram Mandalam President of the Congress Party for a long period.