Editors Message

Dear Relative,

In this present day, the ever-increasing responsibilities and time constraints have left us with little time to catch up with our relatives. Maintaining family relations has taken a backseat in this fast paced life. Most of us do not know much about our relatives other than the immediate ones.

Our children are the ones most affected. They grow up without knowing about their ancestors and living relatives. They are clueless about the origins of our family and the traditions followed. It is our job to teach them the value of maintaining good relations with our extended family.

Family can be a great source of support if the need arises. They provide the comfort and security that very few people can offer. By helping our children know more about their relations, we are providing them a safety net to fall back on.

I welcome you to www.karunanivas.com, the website created to interconnect the members of the Karunanivas family. One of the features of the website is the creation of the family tree. I request you to key in your details and keep our family tree growing. Let us strive to bring maximum members of the family on board the family tree. In particular, please add details of our dear ones who are not with us now.

The family tree will be a great resource for the present and future generations to know about their ancestors. Let us do our bit for our children and show them the path to a meaningful life.

With best regards

Sameer Mohan
Sameer Mohan